Is the thought of creating your website making you cringe?

Are you finally ready to create your online presence but feel confused or intimidated by all of the decisions and options available?  Do you currently have a website and would like to make a change?  Wouldn’t you rather spend your time creating content, meeting with clients, pursuing your passion?  Your website is your home base.  Kind of like your kingdom.  Potential clients visit your website to engage with you and your company.  They want to find out more, connect with you or purchase your product/service.  You deserve a website that genuinely represents you and your company.

Guess what?  I love building websites!! I find coding fun.  I know, I know it’s nuts, but true.  I’m here to help you create your online presence.  One that represents your company and your brand.  I’m a website developer who will navigate you through all the options and uncertainty you may feel when creating a website.  I know the process can be confusing, time-consuming and intimidating.  Plug-ins, themes, maintenance?  What are those things you ask?  That’s why I’m here, let me help you figure out exactly what you need.  Let’s work together to get your site up and running so that you can get back to doing the things you truly enjoy.  I believe people are their happiest when they are living their life and fulfilling their purpose.  Don’t let the stress of building your website get in your way.

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About Me

Hi!! I’m Helen, thank you for stopping by.  I’m a website developer, mom and lover of all things creative.  I help multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs create websites that represent their business.  I bring over 15 years of experience with a variety of skills to you and your business.  I have worked in administration as a legal executive assistant to high level executive and also as paralegal in a law firm.

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Phone: 516-262-3851

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